Move tiles swapped two by two
to recover the original image!
Remaining Moves: 10
Level: 1
Navigateur Internet non compatible : le logiciel de navigation que tu utilise est trop vieux pour fonctionner avec ce jeu en ligne :-)
Merci de mettre à jour ton logiciel ou d'en utiliser un autre (Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc) !

How do you play this online puzzle?

In this online puzzle, you have to swap the boxes of an image that have been swapped two at a time. You don't need to click anywhere, especially anywhere! You'll have to think a little and analyse the illustration well before acting! Use the thumbnail preview to find tiles that have been traded in pairs! Click successively on the boxes to replace them to their initial position: a sound will tell you if you have played well, and the two tiles which have been correctly swapped will then be checked...

Be careful, the number of authorized trips is limited to the bare minimum! So, you have to avoid mistakes to solve this puzzle successfully! There are 3 different levels (with increasing difficulty): 4x4 boxes for the first level, 5x5 for the second, and 6x6 boxes for the last one.

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