Flip cards over and find all Matching Pairs!

Easter Matching Pairs

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Find all the pairs of cards!

In this Easter-themed online game, you have to use your memory and your powers of observation to find all the pairs of cards and turn them over!

When you start the game, all the cards are dealt face down. You can turn them over two at a time (simply by clicking on it). If the pictures on the two cards which have been turned over are the same, then they disappear... If the picture differs, then both cards automatically return to their original state, face down... The level is won when you have found all the pairs of cards! But watch out, don't dawdle because time is limited!

Even if the first level of the game is relatively easy, it does gets complicated rather quickly: from one level to the next, the number of cards increases, while the time allotted for it decreases! You will have to be fast, and memorize the cards already turned over well in order to move to the higher levels!

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